Inropa's mission is to develop and deliver intuitive and cost-effective solutions to painting and surface treatment robots. Our products range from manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems: CAD OLP, OLP automatic and iVision Recognition.


OLP CAD is a manual PC-based offline programming system that allows the user to operate with a virtual model of the robotic cell. The program is user-friendly, intuitive and requires no technical skills. The program allows you to create new robot programs without stopping the production. Furthermore, the OLP CAD can handle all types and brands of industrial robots.

To read more about OLP CAD, download our product sheet here.

OLP Automatic

OLP Automatic is a system that automatically programs the robots by use of 3D-scanning of the parts. With an OLP Automatic system the operator hangs the parts on the conveyor and sends it through the paint line. Using the 3D scanning, the system generates robot programs automatically. OLP Automatic ensures high flexibility, high surface quality and reduces the cost of personnel and paint material.

To read more about OLP Automatic, download our product sheet here.

IVision Recognition

IVision Recognition is a recognition system that takes a picture of the subject and classifies the type of the product based on user-defined rules. IVision Recognition automatically recognizes the parts, and then selects an associated program to be sent to the robots. The system is reliable and flexible, and it is easy to add new products to the system or to alter or change existing products.

To read more about IVision Recognition, download our product sheet here.