Automotive Industry

Inropa provides flexible and stable solutions for the automotive industry worldwide, for example painting of bumpers, trim strips and sideview mirrors.

For painting of truck engines Inropa has developed a flexible system; EnginePainter. The system exists in both a semi-automatic and fully automatic system.

With the semi-automatic system, the operator loads a cad model into OLP CAD. For more information about OLP CAD, go to products. The operator then uses the EnginePainter module to create a template model of the various engine types. With the fully automated system, the operator mounts the parts on the conveyor, and sends them through the paint line. The EnginePainter then utilizes a scanning system to automatically scan the parts in 3D.

The Inropa EnginePainter will in most cases reduce both the costs for personnel and paint material. At the same time, the EnginePainter increases production capacity by ensuring a constant flow in the paint line.

For further information about the EnginePainter, download our product sheet here.